Our Philosophies



A tradition of toil and triumph has taught us that being intuitive, be it with the land or the living, makes the best wines. Intuition is a central tenet of our approach at Sapor Makers & Growers. In winemaking, combined experience across France, Italy, England, California, Australia, South Africa as well as at home in NZ, has taught our winemaking team that intuition is king when it comes to combining and balancing old world tradition with new world disciplines and edge. Intuition is central to our broader team too, both in terms of how we work and the people we choose to work with.



We’re a new breed. Bold in our approach. We’re not afraid of non-conformity. Whether its trialling a new harvesting technique or testing a new label design, we’ll push the boundaries to make sure what we do brings you the flavourful best of New Zealand, fast. It’s part of the Kiwi psyche, we’re up for mountainous challenges and breaking the status quo.

Philosophy_Minimal Intervention

Minimal intervention

We achieve great purity in our wines by first focusing on the land, its elements and the best ways to grow the most flavourful grapes. We then harvest the finest fruit parcels our vineyards can produce. Then, unadulterated, we let them shine – with minimal handling, minimal intervention and minimal additives. Most often, our wines develop with little or no finings, an opportunity only presented when the wine itself is of a very high standard.

Philosophy_Vegan-friendly Sustainability

Vegan-friendly and sustainability

All our wines are sustainably produced, and many of our ranges are entirely vegan-friendly. The Awatere River winery and some of our vineyards lie on land passed through the Vavasour family for over a century – sustainability therefore, is near to our heart. Similarly, our Waimea Plains vineyards and winery lie on land used in horticultural pursuits for centuries, and our Central Otago vineyards were once treasured gold-mining territory. We take our guardianship of these rich, fertile lands for future generations seriously. We are establishing an organic vineyard and our Awatere River winery has organic processing capability.



In combination, these philosophies achieve excellence, which is the overarching goalpost (too). No matter which region they are from, our wines purely reflect the distinctive terroirs of the alluvial river flats, terraces and slopes on which they are created, and therefore naturally have great flavour intensity, length, elegance, structure and complexity. Gold medals and trophies (then) tend to come naturally.

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