Our Philosophy

We follow four fundamental principles when making wine:


Being intuitive, be it with the land or the living, is a Vavasour family trait passed from parents to son and beyond. In winemaking too, experience across Australia, California and France has taught Louis that intuition is king when it comes to combining and balancing old world tradition with new world disciplines.

Minimal Intervention

Louis achieves great purity in his wines by first growing and selecting the finest fruit parcels the province has to offer. Then, unadulterated, he lets them shine – with minimal handling, minimal intervention and minimal additives. The wines develop with little or no finings, an opportunity only presented when the wine itself is of a very high standard.


All ARWC wines are sustainably produced and certified vegan. The ARWC winery and vineyards lie on land passed through the Vavasour family for over a century – sustainability therefore, is near to Louis’ heart.


In combination, these philosophies achieve excellence, which is the overarching goalpost too. ARWC wines purely reflect the distinctive terroir of the alluvial river flats on which they are created, and thereby naturally have great flavour intensity, length, structure and complexity.