Rumoured to have inspired the legend of Robin Hood himself, Maud Le Vavasour married medieval outlaw Fulk Fitzwarin in 1207. Ever since, rebellion has run in our family’s blood. The LV luxury range by winemaker Louis Vavasour takes old world tradition and pushes the boundaries, creating an expression of the courage, spontaneity and flair represented in the zigzag of our family arms.


LV Methode Traditionelle NV - 6 Pack
Winemaker Louis Vavasour

LV_Product_Pinot Noir_2016

LV Chardonnay 2016 - 6 Pack
Winemaker Louis Vavasour

LV_Product_Pinot Noir_2016

LV Pinot Noir 2016 - 6 Pack
Winemaker Louis Vavasour

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Cast 1 LV_Portrait_300x450px

Louis Vavasour

Winemaker. Boundary-pusher. Rebel at heart. Alleged descendent of Robin Hood and Maid Marion. Hunts with hounds on horseback.

Cast 2HS(F)_Portrait_300x450px

Georgina Vavasour

Wife of Louis. Mother of William and Remy. Equestrian. Represented New Zealand in show-jumping.

Cast 3 JP_Portrait_300x450px

James Phillips

Assistant winemaker to Louis. Joined us in the Awatere Valley for a vintage from Southern California. He’ll be back.

Cast 4 HS(F)_Portrait_300x450px

Hannah Savill

Best friend and cousin of Georgina. A naturalist and a yogi. Mother of Corsia.

Cast 5 HS(M) Portrait

Henry Savill

Hannah’s husband and friend of all. A maven and a matchmaker. Makes a good time a great time.

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