Contract Manufacturing


The Awatere River Wine Company Ltd is a producer of premium varietal wines with a new state of the art winery. We have contract wine making and dejuicing facilities available for the upcoming harvest. We offer a large range of wine making services tailored to your individual needs in the heart of the Awatere Valley.

  • Certified as an organic and biodynamic winery. ARWC is WECS, SWNZ and Biodynamic accredited
  • State of the art refrigeration system with heating and cooling for total fermentation control, run by Vin Wizard
  • All tanks are fully insulated
  • Winery runs as a 24hr operation during vintage
  • Live online system for client login to view all details 24/7
  • Fully operational Labaratory
  • Warehouseing available for full wine making clients with associated reports - Vinsight system
  • Processed capacity up to 200 tons per day
  • Red and white wine making available

For more information or to discuss your processing requirements contact Louis Vavasour +64 3 5757 913 or